How to Fix Cell Phones Quick & Easy in New Orleans

When you leave the house, what are the things that you have to have with you? Keys, wallet, and your phone. This just proves how important cell phones are to all of us. They aren’t just how we communicate. We use them to date, shop, surf the web, photograph and listen to music, just about everything!

That is why when you drop your phone into the toilet, puddle or accidentally smash it on the ground, it can immediately ruin your whole day. The problem is that with the advances in mobile devices, it also becomes trickier to fix cell phones. Gone are the days when you could just blow-dry a battery or throw your old Nokia into a wall. Now, when you have a cracked screen or a submerged phone, it usually requires professional help.

Here at Wisp, we have repaired countless broken, wet, smashed or dropped phones. We see and fix cell phones of all brands and generations. We’ve seen just about every kind of damage you can do to your smartphone. What our customers really appreciate is how quickly we work so that they can get to back to communicating and coordinating their life with the help of their cell phone.

But what should you do if you should happen to damage your cell phone when we are closed or you are out of town?

  1. If you drop your phone in the toilet, obviously take it out. Then wash your hands. Twice.

  2. Turn it off. Take it apart as best and as gently as possible.

  3. Dry off any visible moisture. Use a Q-tip to get into the headphone jacks and charger crevices.

  4. Next, fill a ziplock bag full of rice. Place phone in the bag of rice and allow it to dry out for 36 hours.

  5. Come visit Wisp during our business hours!

We're open from 10 - 7, Monday - Saturday. We'll see you here!